Meet the Author

Antonina Duridanova is the author of a recently published book - memoir New Beginnings: From Behind the Iron Curtain to America.  

After a successful career with the United States Treasury Department, she settled in San Antonio, TX, which she refers to as her Saint's Town.  Antonina is a free-spirited woman, always seeking inspiring and challenging experiences, allowing her to perform her most profound desires.  Antonina loves to travel and has visited over 80 countries.  She does yoga in the morning, rides a bike, hikes in the parks in San Antonio, takes piano lessons, explores painting with watercolor, acrylic, and oil, takes lessons in foreign languages, currently studying Chinese.  

She has three adult children, two daughters and a son, all married and giving her six beautiful grandchildren from the age of 2 to 20.  She takes tremendous joy in spending time with them, jumping on trampolines, going down slides with the youngest, playing ping pong and bowling with the older children.

Her life was turbulent growing up in a communist country from which she fled as a young adult to reach the shores of the most beautiful country - America.  A twist of circumstances sends her back to her native land to provide technical assistance with the creation of the new Tax Administration system allowing the country to subsequently enter the European Union and be in NATO.  

Upon retiring, Antonina had a compelling urge to share her life experiences of displaying courage and sacrificing the life she knew by leaving behind her family home in the name of freedom.  

Her book is a true, compelling story of a young woman overcoming all obstacles to be able to live a peaceful, honorable, and accomplished life.


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