• New Beginnings: From Behind the Iron Curtain to America

New Beginnings: From Behind the Iron Curtain to America - Antonina Duridanova

Burning with desire to share the value of freedom, Antonina takes you from her plight in communist Bulgaria to the free shores of America. Following unfortunate events of life in a totalitarian regime in Bulgaria, Antonina bids goodbye to her homeland and flees to the Western world. She provides true experiences and observations of what life is in a communist society-her family's lands and cattle being confiscated by the agricultural labor cooperatives; the censorship of the press and any literal, artistic, and scientific works from the West; religion being prohibited; and any deviation from the norm leading to detention in a labor camp. Her last crossing of the Bulgarian-Yugoslavian border almost costs Antonina her life and makes up her mind to never go back. She describes her life as an immigrant at the refugee camp in Traiskirchen, Austria, while waiting for an American visa.

Antonina is ecstatic when the plane cruises over the Statue of Liberty and lands in the most amazing city in the world-New York. She describes how she could taste, smell, feel, and touch freedom as she gets off the plane, ready to embark on new adventures. Antonina gets educated and becomes a good specialist in taxation, working for the United States Treasury Department. Ultimately, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, she is invited to go back to Bulgaria and fix a broken tax system as a representative of the United States government. Her work in the newly democratic society of Bulgaria paved the way for the country to become a member of NATO, escaping Soviet influence, and later being accepted in the family of the European Union.

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"I would like to say that this book is not a fairy tale; it is a true and honest portrayal of my personal struggles and achievements."

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Antonina Duridanova

“For some, my writing will provide awareness as I will take them out of their comfort zones in unknown lands.”

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I really enjoyed reading this book and it was a very easy read and very informative. The author describes situations and people in such detail that you feel you can "see" what she sees. I admire anyone who can leave their country and come to the USA to start over and assimilate with other Americans, especially when there are so many difficulties to face. I am sure with all the adversities that this author faced it only strengthened her endurance and faith in God. Great Book!!!!!!

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This is such a beautifully written piece! You will laugh, cry, be shocked, and be inspired throughout the captivating pages. Antonina has a writing style that makes you feel like you are sitting together talking about these things over a cup of coffee: it’s such a friendly and inviting writing style. Like me, you’ll thank your lucky stars for the freedom we have here in America. It’s hard to understand the depravity and toll communism has on a nation, family, and people; but Antonina unveils the curtain. I’m inspired by this woman who made it through her beginnings and prevailed to become the woman she has beyond every obstacle in her way. Such a sensational victory!

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